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The Esports Coaching Academy is all you need to run a sustainable esports program for ages 6-16

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Empower children through gaming

Teach the physical, social, mental and communication skills needed to excel in life through esports.

We provide you with all the tools and knowledge needed.

Get Certified.

Go through the ECA Certification course and become a certified esports coach equipped to train any game and work with children from 6-16.

Centralised knowledge base.

Use our library of game specific trainings as well as lectures, content and activities focused physical, mental and social well-being to get started right away.

Get started with our ready-made courses today.

The ECA Network.

Become a part of the ECA network and gain access to ongoing support, continuously updated training libraries, a network of peers and cross-club tournaments.

Students love it

Our experience shows students keep coming back and their enjoyment of gaming increases

Engaged parents

Engage parents and facilitate a healthy relationship to video games within the household

Profitable Esports Centers

Run a profitable esports program with as little as 50 students

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The ECA launches in Q3 2022.
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